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26 May 2007 @ 04:33 pm
My son is almost 6 months old. Due to his size and appetite we started him on solids at around 4 months. I still breastfeed mostly. Well, for awhile the breastfeeding was slowing down and he was eating more solids. Now he seems the passed couple days to only want the breast and no solids at all. Is this unusual because it is strange to me.
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14 May 2007 @ 09:12 pm
jack is going to be a year old tomorrow. we are having some friends and family over in the evening for some cake (dairy queen ice cream cake! yum!) and coffee/tea/beverage of choice.

im curious... i belong to an lj community where a lot of the kidlets are about to turn one (or already have), and i hear a lot about this "give them a little cake to smash up" for the kid's first birthday.

ive never come across this before: the little cake for baby to demolish. is this a relatively new thing? (i don't think i had it at my first birthday) am i bad mommy for not wanting my child to bathe in cake?

inquiring minds want to know! :)
26 March 2007 @ 08:25 am
Aaarrrgh, my 9-10 month old is obsessed with eating the dirt from my mother's planter!
We have it covered with cardboard but he's figured out how to get past that.
Mostly I'm worried he's going to make himself sick because we've SEEN fungus growing in it before... though not recently. BLECH!
02 March 2007 @ 03:37 pm
jack is entering that stage where he cries if he doesn't get what he wants. for example, my cell phone. he likes to play with it, but only if its flipped open (it's a flip phone). as soon as i give it to him closed, he freaks and starts crying. sometimes i just open it to get some peace, and other times, i take it away and endure the crying.

so today, i'm about to put my head through a wall. i don't want to set up bad habits for the future. i don't want to give in because he will then learn he can cry to get what he wants, and that's not something i'm willing to tolerate in the future.

so what do i do? do i buy a set of earplugs and ignore him? i hate the concept of letting him cry it out, but i also know he isn't crying for any sort of need (like the need to be fed, changed, held etc). explaining is no good as he is only nine and a half months old. substitution of the item doesn't seem to work either =/
17 February 2007 @ 11:06 am
Does anyone use a baby sling or wrap? IF so, what do you like about the different kinds? I'm considering buying one but am a TOTAL sling virgin.
27 October 2006 @ 07:47 am
Just wondering how much longer I am going to be on my hands and knees every day picking up bits of toast/pasta/rice etc. How did you get your child to stop or did they just grow out of it? and at what age?

And HOW does it get from one end of the house to the other like that, even going around corners so I find bits of cheese by the front door?

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19 June 2006 @ 09:17 am
Calvin (now, nearly 2) is back to waking during the night. (pretty much like my last post before marlespo's). he is waking around 1.30am until past 3am (close to 4am most nights). its been an every night thing now for almost a week again, before then it was every few nights and in the past 6 months, he's went thru stages when he's woke a lot, not woke at all. but now, he's louder than he in previous wakings. shouting out, hitting the walls, kicking his cot, talking very loudly (wakes us right us and its no wonder our neighbour hates us.)

he still has one nap around 11am for about 1.5 hours. i am going to trim that back down to an hour. he still needs that nap (ok, I DO!) so im not dropping it until he does and his bedtime is usually between 7pm-7.15pm (but he takes about 45+ minutes to settle as he will babble himself to sleep most nights)

short of sedating (myself), i dont know how im going to get thru this. strange enough, Calvin seems well-rested in the morning. i dont really want to put him to bed later than 8pm as i do value some off-duty time (well, you know what i mean.). (in the past when we put him to bed later, it made no difference.)

at my wits end, nearly. but i have coffee....
any advice, anything! please!!!

15 June 2006 @ 11:43 am

Hello girls - it has been a while! I've found a lot of Philip's recent "phases" to be manageable for the most part, but this latest one is driving me CRAZY and I need to know how you got through it...

Philip is 27 months old and has always been left with people. (That sounds bad.) My parents, My in laws, my friends, the daycare at the gym... he's never EVER had a problem with separation anxiety and in fact has always been bounding away from me saying "bye bye mommy!". Until a few days ago, and it is like a light flip switched and he was instantly turned into a clingy boy.

2 days ago I took him to the gym - as we've been doing for a few weeks now - and instead of bounding off happily he screamed bloody murder. I had to take him home after him not calming down after 15 minutes. I gave him a day off, and today we went back. I started about 30 minutes before we went, talking about the gym, saying momy would go bye bye, things like that. We brought his favorite blanket, drink and snacks. I stayed with him for about 5 minutes, playing with him, preparing him.... and still he wouldn't calm down. Finally he did... and they told me that he stopped crying 3 or 4 minutes after I left.

This has been going on for a few days now, and like I said it is out of the BLUE. Is this kind of thing genuinley a phase, or am I going to have to deal with separation problems from now on? Do they get worse as he gets older? I'm surprised that it is showing up now, and not ever earlier.

I've been going through a really rough time personally, and I do wonder if he's picked up on that - being a sensitive boy as he is - and is clingy because he knows mommy is sad? I don't know. :/

Thougts? Ideas? Personal eSxperiences? 

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26 December 2005 @ 09:29 am
our son, who is now 18 months old, has taken a liking to waking up at, around 10.30-11pm and staying awake until 1.30am (or in the case of last night, 2.30am). he wakes up as if he is wide awake, babbling, kicking at his cot, not really crying out though, just awake..
we are going to readjust his daily naps (as of now, he only has one morning nap, usually no more than 2 hours long) and try putting him to bed a bit later (around 7.30pm instead of 6.30pm when he is usually yawning and rubbing his eyes..)

but i was curious, is this is normal toddler stage? this middle of the night for a good wibble to one's self!?

its been going on for the last few nights... and luckily, i like coffee!!!!!!!

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