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Mommy Center

Happy Mom = Happy Kid

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Welcome to Mommy Center! A place for mothers of ALL kinds to join together and share their stories, photos, triumphs, questions, and vents.

We welcome mothers and mothers-to-be of all kind. Are you pregnant? Trying to conceive? A new mother? A mother of older children? Then welcome!

This is a moderated community. Spam, jerks, and fights will be dealt with pronto. No two mamas are the same, and this community welcomes discussions and debates - if appropriate - about how we all do things differently. But when something crosses the line into a fight, a judgemental tirade, or anything harmful, hurtful or abusive - you will be moderated, posts will be deleted, topics will be shut down.

In keeping this place friendly and supportive, we can all become better mothers by sharing our experiences in a safe environment.

When you join, please introduce yourself! There are no forms or bios to fill out, just post a welcome letter and let us know who you are. :)

And welcome!!!